When it comes to the sexual relations between the members of the same family, it is enough to mention about it and you can the people’s reaction on their faces.

Seducing step-sisters is totally cool these days.

It doesn’t matter if we talk about stepmoms and sons or about step dads and daughters, this subject is simply taboo. Although these relations have existed since the ancient times, there is also a problem to talk about them, not mention having one. The incestuous marriages were very spread in Egypt, for example. The most of these incestuous relations were in the royal families. The Pharaoh was forced to marry his sister, the power and the fortune remaining in the family. Cleopatra was also forced to marry her brothers while her parents were also sister and brother.

Tutankhamun’s parents were also brother and sister and, when he was 10, he married his sister. Beside the moral aspect of the sexual relations between the family members is the risk related to the health of the offsprings. Because of the obvious problems had by the children born from related parents, the intimate relations in a family were allowed between cousins only, in time. Still, no one knew anything about the existence of this risk in the past, and the incest seemed a good solution to keep the power inside a family. The most of the times, there was no sexual attraction or love in the case of the incestuous marriages. It was only about tradition, religion or politics.

Today, the subject of the same family members having sex may be taboo, but there is also a lot of open-minded people who love watching this kind of action.

Nothing like quality family time.

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