Sexual relations between the members of the same family, it’s been a taboo subject for so many centuries.

There are many societies and cultures where these relations are forbidden. Not to mention the countries from the third world where the incest, being a taboo theme, is a very sensitive subject and people don’t openly talk about it. If we only stop to the Bible, we can read about the Sodoma and Gomorrah story from the Genesis Book. Here, the two daughters of Lot have sexual relations with him in order to continue the bloodline.

In the Leviathan Book are mentioned prohibitions for the sexual relations between the diverse members of a family: mom and son, daughter and father, the punishment being no other by the death. The sexual relations between nephews and uncles and between nephews and aunts are also forbidden by the Leviathan.

The Hinduism is very categorical when it comes to incest. Because they are afraid of the negative effects of the incest, the Hindi allows only the marriage inside the same caste, but not in bloodlines or inside the same genealogical tree. Still, the Hindu society allows the marriage between cousins. This marriage between cousins is also allowed by the Koran, which forbids the man to have sexual relations with his sister, mother, daughter, paternal aunt and with the maternal nephew.

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